The Liberals Are Toast

This Reuters Article pretty much says the Liberals are done for. I can’t say I disagree with them, the Liberal’s campaign has been a mess. While I won’t shed a tear at the departure of the Liberals, I’ll have a lot of misgivings to see the arrival of the Conservatives. I simply cannot stand many of the values that they espouse.

I guess I probably sound like a broken record, but here is my list of contentions with the Conservatives:
1. would have brought Canada into the war in Iraq
2. would have joined up with the missile defence shield
3. many of their candidates belong to Christian groups with strong beliefs in ethical/moral issues that I don’t believe in (gay marriages, abortion, etc)
4. some of the above mentioned candidates are on record that they feel it is their duty to bring biblical values to Canadian politics.
5. their apparently simplistic “solutions” to complex issues. For example, longer minimum sentences will result in less gun crimes.
6. their family/daycare policy, in which money will be given to families for having kids. Daycare availability is the issue in Vancouver, it’s not a matter of having $12 a week. I believe this is common across Canada.

These are only 6 issues, but I believe they underline and emphasize the difference in values between the Conservative party and myself. I believe in federal programs, not cash solutions. I believe in independent thought and analysis, as opposed to sucking up to the US. I believe in studying scientific research and making decisions on facts, as opposed to knee-jerk reactions that please the masses (ie the gun crime issue). I definitely believe that religion has no place in Canadian politics.

My hope is that many Canadians share my views, and when a Conservative government is in place, we can all play a role in influencing our local MP to reflect these values. British Columbians have done this several times with the provincial government. There have been several contentious issues that the BC Liberals had to back down from because of public pressure.

So make sure your voice is heard, during the election and afterwords.