Thieves take 1-0 lead over sluggo

Goody, more great news. It appears that my garage door opener opted to open on its own last night. Some nice people decided this meant that my two mountain bikes, cordless drill, drill set, and wrench set were free to to pick up. In some respects I guess I was lucky because they left behind things like: three more bikes, a scooter, tablesaw, sanders, box of garbage, vacuum, deepfreeze and a toy drill.

For now I’ve disabled the garage door opener and fastened some wood blocks just above the garage door such that it cannot be raised with completely wrecking the whole thing. I also bought one of those lock shields for the man door, but it didn’t fit. Tomorrow I will try and get one that fits. I also wanted to get an engraver to mark everything of value that is still in the garage. I went to Home Depot and Canadian Tire and they were both out of stock. By then it was 10pm and too late to go anywhere else.

A Vancouver Police Constable recommended the engraving. He said that once an item is visibly engraved, it becomes very difficult for the thieves to sell it.

I guess the good news from the whole thing is that I took some time tonight to fix the man door such that it opens and closes easier. I’d like to have it working properly when the thieves return tonight to smash it in and steal everything that is left in the garage.