New bike, pt. 1

I bought a new bike yesterday to replace the stolen RM Summit. This type of bike is apparently the hottest market right now, they call them concrete bikes. They are made for city riding and commuting, but can also be used for touring or even cyclocross. I got the Rocky Mountain RC50 for $1100 from Westpoint Cycles.


Either the garage door manufacturer or insurance will pay for this bike, along with another bike I hope to buy very soon. Once I get the second bike, I will also collect an excellent discount from Westpoint for buying two bikes. Previously I’ve bought three other Rocky Mountian mountain bikes from Westpoint: the ’91 Summit RL in 1992, an ’01 Element in 2002, and an ’02 Fusion in 2002. What can I say, I like Rockies and I like Westpoint. There are other bike shops in town I like, but they don’t carry Rocky….