Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is a huge issue for me, it seems like I am always thinking about it.  This is a bit odd, because I had never spent much time learning about sustainable energy.  I guess I just kept thinking in the back of my mind, “gas bad, windmills good…” and, “I sure wish everyone would use less oil and less water.”

This past weekend I had a chance to discuss sustainable living with a good friend of mine, Jason Kubian, and he told me about the BC Sustainable Energy Association. I haven’t had time yet to dig into what they are all about, but I guess this is a great place to check out for more information on sustainable energy.

While I aquaint myself with BCSEA, here are a couple of thoughts:
the USA is the largest user of oil in the world
24% of there oil consumption is for automobiles
if everyone in the US doubled their vehicular fuel efficiency, there would be an immediate 12% reduction in oil and its resulting pollution

Anyways, check out BCSEA and see what they have to offer.

2 comments on “Sustainable Energy

  1. When did you get to talk to Kubian? I seem to recall he with his ‘real’ friends from the Ulti tournament the whole weekend…

    Seriously, though, when do we get a blog on the stag? Sustainable energy is for chumps.

  2. I have been checking both blogs for stag updates. Nobody cares what Kubian has to say…well except for a bunch of frisbee geeks.

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