The Plan: How The Conservatives Fooled Canadians

That’s the kind of title you may expect to see in a few years. At least, that is what some people think. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem all that unrealistic.

I was speaking with my neighbour the other day and we got around to talking about Stephen Harper. Joe referred to Harper as “scarey guy.” I guess that’s not that unusual really. Many of my friends would consider that to be a compliment. The basic premise behind this thinking is that Harper is going to do his best to not rock the boat in an attempt to win a majority government. That’s why issues such as gay marriage are not even being talked about. Those sticky social conservative agenda issues are off the table for the time being and it seems to be working. Harper is showing himself to be very shrewd by avoiding all controvercy and improving upon our previous PM’s shortcomings. It’s all adding up to a majority government. Heck, the Conservatives are doing everything that Canadians want: less taxes, no scandals, no stealing, tough on crime, etc. Sounds peachy, doesn’t it?

What happens after the next election if the Conservatives get a majority is less peachy. Issues such as gay marriage will be front and center, and they’ll get rammed through. It’s reasonable to predict that the Conservatives will pull a Republic/GWB, only they’ll get their asses handed to them faster than Bush will (Bush will last 8 years, I doubt Canada will stand for 8 years of Harper). The reason for this will be because it is likely the Conservatives will push hard for changes that majority of Canadians will not like. It’s just so happens that the majority of Canadians are too apathetic about government right now, and that’s how this whole process will get started.

Why Could The Conservatives Do That Would Be So Bad?
I’m not entirely sure just yet. However, these guys are the same people that think the Earth is only 8,000 years old. For crying out loud, I don’t want to trust this country to people that are that far out of touch with reality. If you have ever heard any of the right-wing Conservatives speak at public functions (I’ve seen a few videos on the web), you’ll know what I’m talking about. They’re crazy, and they have agendas. They say shit that is so far out in left field, but has far-reaching consequences socially. To list a few:
ban gay marriage
ban abortions
continue the war on drugs (shut the door on legalization of pot and other drugs)
So if you like lower taxes and think banning gay marriage isn’t such a bad idea, hold on tight because it could be you that causes the mess we’re going to get into.

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