New photoblog is online and ready

I’ve been messing around with putting together a photoblog for a while now. I’ve pretty much finished what I wanted to put together, so feel free to check out AlpineVisions at your leisure. Let me know what you think of the layout, and leave comments on the photos if you have something trivial to say.

As for the layout of the photoblog, it was made with WordPress (same as this website) with the help of the K2 theme, modified by Kristin Pishdadi. All of the files in the photoblog are hosted on Zooomr.

2 comments on “New photoblog is online and ready

  1. Beautiful pictures, Doug. I did not realize how much hiking you have done from home. And here I thought you were out drinking beer with the boys! Mom

  2. Nice page. It's good to have kids who can use this medium to find you

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