Wooden Kayak Cradles

Inspired by the wooden kayak cradles made by Ross Leidy, I decided to try and make some myself. BTW, check out Ross’s great website. He’s created a free easy-to-use kayak design software package called Kayak Foundry. Amazing stuff…

I couldn’t find any 1/16″ ash veneer locally and I didn’t feel like ordering a bunch from the US. So I hunted for some 1/4″ ash hardwood for bending. I didn’t look too hard for this either and decided to get some cheap popular 4″x4’x1/4″. It was kiln dried so I wasn’t sure if I could bend it. Using a heat gun I was sort of able to bend the wood, but it had severe cracking. I opted to fill these cracks with epoxy. Next I’ll fiberglass each cradle and hopefully they will be strong enough to hold a boat.