Tern 14 update for November

Just a few more steps left to finish the Tern14!

I think my list of things to do, in order, are as follows:

1.1 glass 2nd side of bulkhead panels

1.2 epoxy the hip braces in the cockpit

1.3 cutout the stern hatch

2.1 tweak the inside shear seam tape and epoxy

2.2 precoat the hatch strap fixtures

3.1 epoxy the bulkheads in

3.2 epoxy the strap fixtures to the hatches

4.1 apply the WR-LPU polyurethane finish

5.1 drill slots for webbing / deck rigging

5.2 fill the slots with thickened epoxy

6.1 drill new slots in epoxied areas

Hmmm, not much to comment on here.
When cutting out the hatches I tried a couple of methods including hand holding jigsaw blades, hacksaw blades, etc. I think the sabersaw/jigsaw cutting is the way to go. Using gentle pressure and even speed you can control the cut for a decent curve. I had problems making the saws follow a curve when holding them by the hand.
I did all the preparation for using magnetic hatches instead of the pygmy closures. In the end I decided to go with the pygmy system. The two main reasons are because the magnetic system would take many more hours to complete, and I felt it would be necessary to test gasket materials first because the lid/lip gap is critical for magnets to work.
I’m in the process of applying LPU right now. That is a story in itself which I will update later.

If anyone has some questions on magnetic hatches for Pygmy kits, let me know. I have some sketches and drawings I can share.