Uploading photos from my trekking in Nepal

Zooomr is long gone and I need to update the location for these photos.  I have a gallery of my Nepal photos on 500px

I‘m doing a bit of experiment. I’m scanning my photos from trekking in Nepal and uploading them to my zooomr photo sharing account. Each of these photos will have a “portal” in it. A portal is a “picture within a picture” concept. When you hover your mouse over a photo a small box will appear with photo inside it. Clicking on this box will take you to the next photo, and so on. So far I’ve only scanned maybe 1/4 or 1/10 of the photos I’ll upload. But if you want to see the start, go here:


In case I get lucky and one of my companions from this trip google their own names, I’ll list them here and maybe they’ll contact me. As best as I can recall, I trekked with: Scott Haddad, John McKone (Jake McKone?), Mark McPhail, John Taylor, Michael Lansten, Chris Arts, Tomer Peled, and Beto.

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