2 comments on “Nepal photos are finished!

  1. Dude, Is that a vintage Labatt’s Blue shirt … Sweeeeeet!!!


  2. Yes. Unfortunately it met a tragic end while hiking in the mountains of Malawi. I had just reached a cabin in the pine forests of eastern Malawi (which bore an eerie similarity to some of the geography of the East Kootenays). I took off my backpack and then pulled the t-shirt off. In doing so, the t-shirt ripped in half. I would like to say that it ripped because of my Hulk-like muscle growth, but in fact it was just worn out. In my depressed state from losing the shirt I decided to spend some time on the shores of Lake Malawi, eating mangoes and drinking beer. The most popular beer in Malawi is/was Carlsburg. How that beer ever ended being exported to Malawi is unclear.

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