First Fish of 2007

I caught my first fish of 2007 on the weekend. These were actually the first fish that I have caught in several years. I caught them at Trout Lake, which was about 10 minutes from where our family was staying in Halfmoon Bay.

I hit the lake early Sunday morning in my float tube. I had a few nibbles on my sinking line, then I started getting really cold. On my way back to shore I hooked a nice little cutthroat that did a lot of jumping. Later that afternoon I had some time to kill so I went back to the lake and cast from shore. BTW, am I the only one that has trouble casting a sinking line on a 6wt rod? I think the heavier line needs a stiffer rod. With some patience and careful attention I was able to get the line out maybe 40ft. Obviously this isn’t a big concern when cruising in a float tube. Anyways, I managed to bring in another cutthroat from shore.

I saw a bit of action on the surface in both the morning and afternoon. There were some whiteish type bugs skittering on the surface and flying around a bit. I’m not sure how well a dry fly would have worked. I did see a guy casting a dry line from a float tube in the afternoon but I didn’t see him hook anything while I was there.

One comment on “First Fish of 2007

  1. It was a beautiful lake. Oh wait! I wouldn’t know.
    Doug left me with the kids so he could go fishing.

    : )

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