Interlude, part deux

I now basically have the frame together for the Interlude.
gunwale scarf
Here is a list of some of the issues I’ve encountered during the build.
1. I needed to clamp/jig the keel to keep it straight while putting the boards onto the frames
keel clamp
2. thickened epoxy was used to hold the boards to the frames and it seems to be strong
3. after the epoxy cured, I drilled holes and inserted 3/16″ dowels to pin the boards to the frames. I used PU glue to hold the pins
dowels glued
4. I found it very finicky to cut the board ends (chines & gunwales) in order to meet flush with the stern and bow plates
close but not tight
5. the bow and stern plates are epoxied in place with dowels
6. I had to remove two knots in my chines, and filled these holes with thickened epoxy
7. I’m not sure if my frames are deep enough, maybe I should add some extra support…?
8. I’m not sure exactly how I will finish off the bow/stern plates. It looks like other people add small deck plates to tie/hold everything together
9. I’m not sure what I’ll use to seal the wood. shellac? polyurethane? tung oil? epoxy (too expensive)?