Scooter repair, part deux

We went to Vancouver Yamaha on Saturday to see what’s what with the repair and bill to date. Things were fairly positive with shop, although I’m still going to be out a lot of money. Here’s the breakdown of the repair. They’ve charged me for a battery, coil and CID. Each of these parts are around $110. They’ve agreed to put back my old battery, as it likely is not a problem. They insist that both the coil and CID are kaput, and I’m not too surprised. They’ll return them to me and i’m going to try and double-check the coil. As well, they only charged 4 hours labour. They still insist there was bad gas in the scooter which I just don’t believe is true, although it’s possible. I do know that the gas was pretty dark, but that doesn’t mean it was a problem, may it’s just a new formulation/mix. Regardless, 4 hours of labour isn’t too bad considering some of the troubleshooting they did. $90/hr of labour gets expensive real quick. The last outstanding issue was the gearing. The slip clutch was seized and they rebuilt it in 2hrs. Again, not excessive. I guess that when I pushed the scooter 20 blocks I seized the clutch. Go figure, I thought it was a great idea to push the scooter there and save $70 in a tow. Instead I wasted $120 extra.

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