Beer Review #3

Now seems to be the perfect time to do another beer roundup because I’m happily enjoying a cool one as I type this. Some of these beers I drank almost 2 months ago, so i’ll see how well I can remember them.
beers 3
Okay, so on the far left we have Red Stripe out of Jamaica. This is a light and refreshing beer not unlike the typical labatts/moslon product. As you may have read from my beer reviews I tend to compare beers to the labatts/molson flavour. I use it as my benchmark for comparison. A beer is either worse, similar or better than the L&M. If you’re looking to try a new beer you want to pick beers that are better than L&M, since L&M is usually only “good” when drunk ice cold on a hot day (in which case the L&M are actually really quite good imo). Anyways, Red Stripe is a bit better than L&M.
Next there La Binchoise Brune from Belgium. I’ve had this beer a few times and I don’t really like it. I can’t remember why, but I won’t buy it again. I think I find it too malty for my taste.
As it happens I am right now drinking Schneider Weisse Original from Germany. I love this beer, it is everything a wheat beer should be. Okay, maybe it’s a bit sweet but who cares. It tastes good, it has a bit of snap to it, good aroma, head, colour and good aftertaste. We have a winna.
Chimay Blue from Belgium was a bit different from most of the beers I’ve tried because it is a strong brew. In fact, its alcohol content is 9%. Obviously one would drink this beer for different reasons than a lager. Overall the taste was quite nice, and I’d recommend it if you were looking for a strong beer – it certainly does a good job. I wouldn’t get it again because I don’t really like strong beers.
Duckstein from Germany was pretty good. I don’t remember much about it, so i’m going to have to guess a bit here. It was a slighter darker beer that was still able to refresh. Give it a shot eh.
Chimay Red is a pilsner malt beer that handles itself quite nicely. It is also a bit stronger, but at 7% it is not as strong as it’s blue brother. I preferred the red to the blue and would buy it again if I wanted a malt beer.
St-Ambroise is a pale ale from Quebec. Ales aren’t my favorite and the St-Ambroise didn’t do anything to change my thinking. If you like Ales you should try this I guess, but it’s nothing special. I prefer the L&M.
Steinlager, despite its Germanic name, is from New Zealand. You’d think that NZ would export a pretty good beer, but that’s not the case with Steinlager. I’d rate it as similar to Bud. ie a watered-down L&M.
Finally, to wrap up today’s ratings there is the Tree Rebel from BC. They seem to be marketing it as a Canadian version of Becks or Heineken. It’s kind of like L&M but with a bit more hop taste. I haven’t decided if it’s an improvement or not. I think that if you prefer Becks, Heineken or Stella to L&M then you should buy the imports. If you prefer an L&M you might as well buy a Kokanee or NatureLand Organic.

13 comments on “Beer Review #3

  1. When do we get a review of Lucky?

  2. That’s easy. Take a kokanee and let it sit on your kitchen counter for 4 hours. Crack ‘er open and swig it down, you just had a Lucky!

  3. You forgot the step about drinking three double-espressos, waiting an hour and then adding 2 oz. of urine to the bottle.

  4. There are actually two schools of thought in the final processing step of Lucky. Some say they employ the method mentioned above. However, I believe the final step is achieved by allowing goats to graze in asparagus fields, then adding 1.25 oz. of goat’s piss to the bottle. Care to comment?

  5. Now you’re talking about Extra Old Stock…they use extra old goats.

  6. Colour my neck red, but I actually drank a couple of Old Stock on the weekend and I didn’t hate them. It may have had something to do with them being about the 5th beer I had on a 32 degree day, but maybe not. Maybe I like the taste of goat.

  7. That is just plain sick. Who the hell gives their buddy a can of Old Stock?

  8. Mullin, when did you ever meet a beer you didn’t like?

  9. Touche Holmes. Remember that time we got the King cans of Wildcat, drank them at Kits beach and then went to the side door. King cans, Wildcat…what ever happened to those? Pure gold!

  10. Hehe. I remember that. What the hell did we get those Wildcats for anyway? I do also recall that they were highly effective in getting us pissed. Maybe they’re not so bad after all.

  11. Oh I see. King cans of Wildcat and the side door. Why wasn’t I invited, huh? I guess I wasn’t cool enough for your little clique. That’s okay, I’m feeling kind of ill just thinking about the hangover I would have had the next day.

  12. If memory serves Doug, you were too busy at the cool clubs. You were all counterculture and all.

  13. Hey Sluggo, what the hell is moslon beer? And Mullin, you have been living in the sticks for too long. Old Stock !?

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