East Kootenay Creek Fishing

A couple of weeks ago while visiting the folks in Invermere I had the chance to go fishing with my buddy John Z. We decided to check out Findlay creek since we thought there would be some good spots to fish from and it’s not too far to drive to. Our first look at the creek showed us that the water was getting pretty clear, which was a good sign for fishing.
Findlay Creek

The trick was to find some good spots to fish from, as the lower part was quite the canyon.
Findlay Creek

A few more clicks up the road revealed a lot of access to the water. Once we parked and got geared up, it didn’t take long to land the first fish.

Hey Dolly

A short while later I caught a cutthroat on a nymph, using an indicator. I would never have set the hook without the indicator. Using my 4wt I didn’t feel a thing but I saw the indicator dive under water.
Nice little cutty

Here’s a short video of the creek and how it was flowing. I figure another two weeks (right about now) and the water will be totally clear. As well, the creek was flowing pretty good and was pretty pushy. You couldn’t wade very deep, much past my knees and I had a hard time standing. I actually slipped once.
I’m not sure where the best spot to fish this run would be. There were a few seams to hit, and we were mostly throwing out streamers and swinging them down. I’d be interested in hearing how other people would approach this run for fly fishing.

Findlay Creek from Doug Smith and Vimeo.

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