Operation: Liberty

No, I’m not referring to some amazingly trumped US army attack in Iraq. What I’m talking about is much more real. This evening, armed with 100′ of extension cable and an angle grinder, I breached the depths of the Burnaby Velodrome and cut the cable lock off of my track bike. I have had my track bike at the velodrome since 2004 (or was it 2003?) which was the year in which I rode the bike once. Time and different interests prevented me from going to the track again since the inaugural ride. That, and the fact that I lost the key to the lock several years ago.

The 49cm Fuji track bike is now safely back in my garage where I’m sure it will continue to collect dust. I want to sell this stealthy stead, so if you’re interested then drop me a line and make me an offer.