Tagging Photos

I’m a big fan of tagging photos once they are downloaded to the PC. Proper data management of digital media is critical for efficient use. In other words, if you don’t properly manage your photos, music and videos, you likely will hardly ever view or listen to them.

Two pieces of software I’m using right now with good success are iTag and Geosetter. Each program serves pretty much only one purpose, and as such they are good and simple at what they do. Plus they are both free.

As you would guess, iTag offers a simple interface for tagging multiple photos at once. I’ve tried a lot of different tagging software for photos and most of them aren’t that great for tagging multiple photos at one time. iTag doesn’t do as many things as other software does, but it does this particular thing quite well.

I use Geosetter for geotagging photos. For many of the photos I have now, I place geotags on them. This means that the photos contain geographical data locating them by latitude/longitude coordinates. Lots of different programs can read this data and place the photos on the map, programs such as google maps, yahoo maps, etc.

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