Beers, Burgers and an Election

Not sure how you want to vote for the federal election? Caught between a rock and a hard decision? Or perhaps you think it is an easy decision but there’s some lingering questions in your mind. Fear not, I have a new methodology that is sure to help. Simply ask yourself who you would prefer to have over for dinner. Yup, that’s right. Dinner. It’s a nice summer evening, you’re going to bbq some steaks and veggies, there’s some brewskies in the fridge, and you have to have one of the potential Prime Ministers over. Would it be Stephen Harper? I would consider that option, but only if I could rely on Grady throwing peas at him. That would be fun to see him flinching from flying peas, stiff as a board, awkward as hell and staring at his watch, waiting until it’s time to leave. Jack Layton could be fun too. I bet I could get him really drunk and have him tell some outrageous stories about Buzz Hardgrove. How about Elizabeth May? Hmmm, not so much. I’m sure she’s charming, and I also suspect that she is boring as hell. When it is all said and done, I think I’d want Dion over. He and May seem like the most “real” people of the four. More than that, Dion just seems like a good guy. I’m always disheartened whenever I read that people see Dion as being a weak personality. The fact is that they are correct, and that is sad because he is likely the most honest and good hearted of the big three and possibly has the best policies between the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Greens. Another disappointment in the “Come over for beers and steak” test is Liz May. From what little I’ve seen, she’s kind of bland. No, make that really bland.

3 comments on “Beers, Burgers and an Election

  1. Don’t you think you have over looked Gilles Duceppe? Although his party is more about a single province than a Federal government, surely coming from Quebec would make him a fantastic dinner guest? I am sure he would bring his own bottle of wine. Or better yet, how about the NeoRino Party which don’t even appear to have a english version of their party website so I cannot even suggest who that person would be. Or even even better better, the Marijuana Party leader (who ever that is as the website cannot seem to figure it out) who would bring his own, well, libation. And fall asleep soon afterward.

  2. Nooo! This is how George W came to power down south. The important thing to remember is to never vote for anyone with a moustache or who is rumoured to eat kittens for dinner.

  3. The problem with the states and the people that voted for, and presumably would like to have burgers with, GWB is that I wouldn’t want many of those people over at my place for a bbq either. At least, not all at once.

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