Economic Bits on the Left and Right

I came across a couple of articles which expose downright silliness (if you believe the authors to be correct) with the Conservative’s economic plan. The first article is pretty funny. With regards to Harper, the author asks “if increasing taxes on carbon and reducing taxes on income would destroy the economy, shouldn’t Harper be raising income taxes and slashing carbon taxes in order to create an economic boom? If he truly believes what he says, isn’t he showing gross negligence with respect to the Canadian economy. Given that the economy is currently struggling – couldn’t he fix this with a reverse green shift, e.g. black shift?” You can find the whole article here at Crawl Across The Ocean.

The second article is less witty and more analytical. If I tried to summerize it, I doubt that I would do the author justice. So just read it if you get the chance and are interested.

One comment on “Economic Bits on the Left and Right

  1. Wouldn’t Harper’s reverse/opposite to the green shift be the red shift? Which of course means that he is moving away from the voter and decreasing in energy and activity. Although his increase in wavelength would lead to greater penetration into … whatever he penetrates into.

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