LA Goes “Grrrr”

Here’s a wizbang video clip of Lance Armstrong giving it to Paul Kimmage.
Check it out here

Lance makes Kimmage look like a fool. Having said that, it seems that Lance’s campaign against cancer exists partly in order to feed his ego. That doesn’t take away from the importance (nobility?) of the campaign though.

5 comments on “LA Goes “Grrrr”

  1. Nice…the guy’s never failed a test, but will never get out from behind the rumours. Whether he ever doped or not is irrelevent to me. He is all about the big picture (now). I think it was awesome they way he put that arrogant Brit in his place. Nice to see your updating the blog again Digsy!

  2. He’s Irish Mulch, Irish. Have another listen. You know, you wouldn’t have this problem if you did that bike trip around Ireland with me like I wanted to.

  3. digger, how can we go on a bike trip when you are still f’d up. I am ready leave tomorrow.

  4. Having not gotten paid for 5 months, I’m ready to leave tomorrow. On top of that, I’m bike-fit and ready to tour. I can get a week off, where do you want to go? Let’s fly to San Francisco and do a 5 day tour. Do you have panniers?

  5. Of course I have pants, what a silly question. Digger it is winter.

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