Canoe Flips Over

Sunday was sort of a big day for me, as I finally got to take the Freedom off of the strongback. I first unscrewed all of the moulds from the strongback since they were still attached to the canoe with hot glue. My neighbour Joe helped me lift the canoe up, and at first we had some difficulty. It turned out that one of the moulds was still screwed to the strongback and the hot glue was holding tight. I dislodged the mould from the canoe by wacking it aft with a hammer, and then the canoe lifted off easily.
Canoe off the strongback

I fit some cradles back onto the strongback, lined them with foam pipe insulators, and then we put the canoe back on.

canoe back on

Later in the day I even started with some scraping of the inside of the hull. More on that later…


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  1. That’s a good looking rig, Sluggo. I had an idea for you. Forget about highlighting the natural tones of the wood. You should paint it pink. I mean, any time you get a chance to ride the pink canoe, you should take it.

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