Canadian Minister of Science Denies Evolution

I’m not sure if I should be flabbergasted, mildly amused or disgusted. It’s been reported that the Canadian Minister of Science, Gary Goodyear, will not confirm belief in evolution. In my books that is a slinky way to say that he denies evolution. How quirky does a government have to be, in order for them to appoint a creationist to be the Minister of Science? That would be like the College of Physicians and Surgeons appointing a holistic alternative medicine practitioner to be their head. I’m not saying that creationism is wrong (not in this post anyways), but that it is obviously in direct conflict with science.

See comment below. Apparently the guy does believe in evolution. My bad. That doesn’t stop the government from being quirky.

One comment on “Canadian Minister of Science Denies Evolution

  1. Dingleberry has subsequently confirmed his belief in evolution. He just didn’t think it was ‘relevant’ so he didn’t answer. Where does Harper find these assholes?

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