More NDP Blather, Now They Don’t Like Soccer

I can’t stand the provincial NDP. They have got to be the most mindless political group I can think of. I’m not sure they have an original thought amongst the whole party. Basically they work like this: if the Liberals say left, the NDP say right. If the Liberals say up, the NDP says down. The latest thing that the NDP are bashing is the planned renovation of BC Place. Vancouver was recently awarded a new MLS expansion team and part of plan is to renovate BC Place and replace its old, repaired roof with a new retractable roof. The NDP seem to think this is a bad idea because they say it will take money away from social housing. I swear, if all you did was listen to COPE and the NDP, you would think that the whole raison d’être in life was to build social housing. I like the idea of social housing as much as the next NDPer, but give it a break – it doesn’t have to be the answer to every planning and development question asked.

I came across a few commentaries about the lates NDP/soccer crafuffle at and VanCity Buzz. Here is quick blurb on the issue from the BC Liberals.

This quote from the VanCity Buzz pretty much sums up my thoughts on the NDP, although I wouldn’t be quite so gracious towards the Liberals.

I am not a Liberal supporter, nor am I an NDP supporter. I vote for whoever I think is best to lead this province to the top and right now for me the NDP does not instill any confidence whatsoever. The only thing that comes out of the NDP politicians mouths is hate. All they do is complain about what the Liberals are doing (which is a good job by the way) and have no plan for themselves. For that very reason they have to be the stupidest bunch of politicians out there. Carole James is not a leader. She needs to go and the rest of her party is no better. Give me something other than union bullshit. Tell me you understand simple economics and finance because from what I heard coming from you guys thus far is highschool.

3 comments on “More NDP Blather, Now They Don’t Like Soccer

  1. Digger, I would say my politics definitely fall left of centre, but I agree the NDP is brutal…the only thing worse is the public sector unions and their mindless endorsement of the NDP. All it does is create the antagonistic political culture which just gets in the way of moving anything forward.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. However, I also think that the Liberals drove the unions to the NDP. Remember when the BC Liberals first got voted in, and they did their best to break collective agreements and the unions? It’s no wonder that the situation is where it is at, it was entirely predictable. There’s nothing wrong with the NDP sticking to their base (and vice versa), but the NDP also needs to get in touch with all people in BC since it is their goal to represent us all, and not just the unions and homeless. They need to drop the negative attitude and wedge issues and simply use their ideology as a background for creating policy that works for BC as a whole. As for the unions… it’s difficult to have any sympathy for them. They want their cake and eat it too, and generally that’s what happens.

  3. Speaking from an education perspective the wedge was there before the contract breaking. We go through cycles of feast and famine. The NDP gives education lots and lots of $$$ and in turn the BCTF offers undying devotion.

    You nailed it when you said they have to get past the rhetoric and get in touch with the people. Man we have some sorry choices.

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