My Quick & Dirty Kindle 2 Review

There are a couple of reasons why the Kindle 2 sort of bites (healthily nibbles?) for Canadians. First of all, it’s not available in Canada. Secondly, even if a Canadian had one they wouldn’t be able to buy books for it from Amazon. That doesn’t matter though, because the selection of books available for the Kindle is tragically poor.

I had read a few reviews of the Kindle 2 and it sounded like every book a person would want was available. For kicks, I checked out my library in LibraryThing and searched Amazon/Kindle for all the books on page 1 of my library. Of the 50 books on page 1, only 10 were available for the Kindle. Most of these 10 were “classics.” Only 3 of the books available were titles published within the last 20 years. Notable authors such as Rohinton Mistry, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ian McEwan are completely missing from the Kindle library. Oh well, who wants to read Booker and Nobel prize winners eh?

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  1. actually you can buy books from amazon if you live in canada – you just have to download them to your computer and transfer via usb to the Kindle 2.

    the variety of titles available is slowly increasing. publishers aren’t really very eager to go with the new technology and that’s delaying things.

  2. It’s true, you can do it but it’s not that simple. Canadians cannot order from, only I believe a person would need a US credit card registered/linked to a US address. With this, a Canadian could purchase and download Kindle books to their PC.

    I’m sure titles will come slowly and surely. I wonder what they focus on, best sellers/fiction, recognized/established authors, award winning books and authors, non-fiction, etc.

    I like the idea of Kindle in that our home books shelves are getting overfilled and a Kindle would be great for reading at night while camping. On the flip side, I’m not sure the world needs another electronic device (coming from a guy that loves electronic gadgets!).

  3. Ah yeah then they probably wouldn’t have books I like either…

    But then…I’m sure this will all change as new readers come out and more get involved… I’ve also heard that people can read their favourite blogs on their Kindles.

    I also blog at

  4. The thing that really burns me is Roger’s monopoly on GSM networks in Canada, which I believe prevents the Kindle from being marketed here. In fact, the big 3 cel/telecoms in Canada bug me with their coersion and shady business tactics. They really put the screws to blackberry users on business plans, the way they add the “system activation/service fee”, etc. I don’t think we’ll a Kindle in Canada until they adopt a more free market like in the US. Mind you, the iPhone made it to Canada…

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