No Worries, Just Wash Your Bags

This morning I read several reports on the hazards of using reusable shopping bags. The fears relate to poisoning from bacteria, fungi and microbes. On the surface it raises some concerns, but a quick look at the studies shows what really is going on. These studies appear to be sponsored by plastics lobbyists and other industry groups such as Food Fight Toronto, an organization consisting of community groups, retailers and residents who are concerned that regulations on packaging will lead to increased costs.

One report here shows just how shabby and poor the studies may be. The study in this report used a sample size of one. Other reports can be found here and here.

Personally, I’m not the least bit concerned about this, although it does raise the point that these bags should be washed now and then. I’m not sure about using bleach – I don’t know which is worse for the environment and sustainability, using bleach or using plastic bags. I don’t think a person needs to be too worried about sterilizing their bags. Rather, by regular cleaning of reusable bags a person eliminates or reduces the environment in which bacteria and microbes can live. You don’t need to kill the bad guys, you just have to get rid of their houses and food.

One comment on “No Worries, Just Wash Your Bags

  1. Scary stuff man. I’m not gonna take any risks. From now on I’ll only be wearing plastic disposable clothes.

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