Area Man Stunned By Big Trucks and SUVs

Want to know why GM and Chrysler need $X00bill and bankruptcy? Because their cars suck. Have you seen one of their new ugly hummer things with a sloped roof like the stupid Avalanche truck that they also sell? The retarded engineers put a roof rack on the slopped roof. Maybe I’m dumb, but how the hell would anyone hold something on the sloped roof rack while trying to tie it down? Can you imagine putting a canoe or thule box on the rack? It would slide off, unless you grew two extra arms and really long legs.

Anyways, we rented a Chrysler 300 while in California. The damn thing sounded like a Harley. The road noise was quiet but you could hear the engine cranking. Sometimes at stop lights the damn car would idle rough and be loud, just like a Harley. Acceleration was crap. I guess it had power, but the car had no idea how to distribute it.

Do you know why GM and Chrysler make bad cars? Because there are too many people that have no idea what a good car is supposed to be. I couldn’t frigging believe how many big trucks and SUVs there were on the roads in California. More than here in Vancouver. They don’t have any snow, no rain, no mountains or hills (okay, there are mountains and hills but 90% of driving is probably done on flat roads), and boat loads of freeways. And what do they drive? Big friggin’ trucks and SUVs. There are too many people that haven’t figured out that a $40k BMW might be a nice vehicle for freeways, traffic, city parking, and comfortable seating. I honestly cannot believe the mentality. At least 1/2 of the trucks you see in Vancouver get parked in Chilliwack at night before picking up some hay in the morning.

Rant over.

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