Freedom 15 Launch!

Last weekend the family and I launched the Freedom for the first time. It wasn’t quite “finished” in that I hadn’t varnished it yet, but I wanted to wait for the weather to cool a bit before spraying the urethane. And check out that paddle in some of the pictures!







4 comments on “Freedom 15 Launch!

  1. Dats one good luuckin rig, slugger. nice acshun.

  2. Yay! We didn’t sink. Way to go Dad; that’s one good looking ride.

  3. Doug, that’s an awesome job!! Very impressed. You should start a canoe building cottage industry in your garage. Bridget Tricket!!!

  4. Nice LOOKING vessel, spectacular in fact, but is it reeaally…It needs a survey of course. Complete internal and external and I’ll give you a break on the price.
    Also requires a dynamic impact static load test, commonly referred to as ‘A biggun in the middle from dock height’.
    Let me see, that’s two launched for you in 3 years…and zero for me in 15.
    Ahem, attaboy.

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