Canoe Trip From October

I finally uploaded photos from the canoe trip we did back in October. Grady, Emma May, my buddy Barry and I went for an overnight trip up Widgeon Creek. It was a lot of fun and we had great weather. The kids were nervous in the boat for about 5 minutes and then they settled in nicely. It was long before Emma May was helping to paddle using a plastic sword and Grady was shooting everything in sight with his Stormtrooper gun. You know, all the things that people usually do when going on canoe trips… Click on any of the photos below to go to the gallery.

The launch

Barry Trudeau

Black crowned night heron

The campsite

3 comments on “Canoe Trip From October

  1. So Dhillon is a Trudeau? That explains his promotion, then.

  2. Even if he is a Trudeau…why would you willingly spend a weekend with Dhillon?

  3. DO NOT anger the Dhillon brothers. These guys make the Bacon brothers look like Girl Scouts. With Dhillon controlling the courts and the other Dhillon trimming $M off the stock market, you can only hope that you’re on their good side. Or is it good “sides”? I could never figure that one out. I bet Dhillon could though.

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