The Sister

Everyone that last September thought Henrik Sedin would be leading the NHL in points 43 games into the season, raise your hand. Yeah, I thought so.

I’ve liked the Sedin sisters every since they joined the NHL. First, it’s always been a pleasure to refer to them as the sisters. Secondly, they’ve made steady progress every year since they started. Thirdly, they are two of the toughest players in the game. By this I mean that I appreciate that they never back away from a play to avoid a hit, they never embellish a hit, and they take a lot of hits without missing a shift. If Henrik keeps this up, he’ll be in contention for not only the scoring lead but also the Hart Trophy.

7 comments on “The Sister

  1. Hmm…That’s not how I remember it Sluggo. I know Mullin (hate to give him any credit (for anything, really)) has always been a fan. Weren’t you the dude who used to ridicule him for that?

  2. You are correct sir. I used to refer to them as the sisters, and I loved it. Hit him with your purse Henrik!

  3. Bandwagon much Doug? Thanks Holmes, but we have to remember how soft of a hockey player Doug was (is?). It vexes him to see people working in the corners and maintaining possession of the puck. Outside of the loss last night, the Canucks are just fun to watch right now.

  4. The problem is that I’m not a hockey genie-ass like you guys. But I would never consider myself a bandwagoner. Another example is Mason Raymond, I thought he was one of the most ineffective players last year. Unlike you guys, I wasn’t attending the Canuck’s practices so I never fully understood his talent until this year. The same goes for the Sedins from 2000-2002. At the time I thought they were twins that liked to pass the puck to each other along the boards (the beginnings of the “cycle”).

  5. Geez, Digger defensive much. I am not sure what you know about physiology, but the average male reaches his peak of physical maturity in his mid 20’s. Couple that with the mental side of the game and it takes a while for players to reach their full potential (unless they are superstars). Mason Raymond could always fly, but not so strong or so smart. Things come with time. Perhaps it will be similar with your understanding of sports.

  6. That helps explain why I haven’t broken into the NHL yet. I figure a few more years of practice, coupled with my work behind the bench with the Hockey 1 kids, and I should have all bases covered by 2012.

  7. Maybe team Canada in 2014?

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