Some Delicious Dishes

This week has been a culinary treat so far. On Sunday night I had my first Dosa. I bought them from Noor-Mahal on Fraser Street: one lamb curry and one veg masala. They were tasty and filling. I see that the restaurant gets good reviews, which doesn’t surprise me. We were actually next door at Fraser Aquarium, buying a Pleconomus (algae eater), and they recommended the Noor.

Tonight was a double wammy with Mercy making some fine lasagna followed by me making my first ever ackee and salt fish, a Jamaican dish. I had to make it tonight because I had been soaking some salt cod for a couple of days and I thought I should cook it. The dish is super easy to make although it’s not cheap. The salt cod was something like $12 for 400g (albeit this is dehydrated and I only used about 200g for the dish)) and a can of ackee is $9! Oh well, as they say in Jamaica, …. Uhm. What the hell do I know, I’ve never been there.

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