Music, Again

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Patriot Box Office media player. It was a pretty sweet deal too, only costing $60 after a mail-in rebate. Since getting it the amount of music that I’ve listened to has, like, quaddriggled. For those of you that don’t know what a quaddriggle is, let me tell you something: it’s a lot. I have the PBO hooked up to my Bryston in the living room, and I’m mostly streaming flac files from my NAS. Flac is lossless, so theoretically it is the same as CD quality. While I can’t say that the delivery method is perfect in terms of sound quality, the two most important parts are the amp and speakers, and I’m doing pretty good in that regard. The nice thing is that I can now quickly flip through my music collection and pull up anything within seconds. That is entirely different from the old setup where I had to pull out a CD, put it in the CD player and press play. That whole rigamaroll took, uhh… seconds. But more of ’em. Yeah, more.

2 comments on “Music, Again

  1. Dude, the problem is you have no DAC. If you hooked up a DAC to that rig it would be awesome.

  2. Oh I know. I still check out DIY DAC kits on the web. Maybe one day I’ll splurge.

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