New Blueberry Bushes

Last weekend I gave my apple trees to a neighbour of mine. I couldn’t stomach another year of fighting coddling moth, where I would have to spend hours walking around the trees and slipping nylon socks over the apples for protection. I considered keeping the trees simply for their aesthetic value but I thought I would growing some soft fruits instead. I opted for blueberries and raspberries. Raspberries are my favorite berry but I’ve heard that they can be difficult to grow on the coast. Blueberries should flourish though.

I chose four different varieties of blueberries, trying to target early, mid an late season growing: Reka (early), Toro (mid), Hardy (mid) and Dixi (late). The raspberry I bought was a Tulameen, and we already have some unidentified raspberry bush established. I think both are summer bearing.

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