Double Bagging It

This post falls under the category “dumbest thing evah.” Well, the post isn’t that dumb (I don’t think) but what it describes certainly fills this description. I was at the store with the kids, waiting in line at the check out. There were a pair of people ahead of me buying a bunch of stuff, including a new backpack. As is common, everything was getting packed into plastic bags. The kicker was when the backpack was also placed in its own plastic bag. The fact that neither purchaser nor checkout person saw the folly in this was astounding. Why a person needs a BAG to carry a BAG, I’m not sure I’ll ever know or understand. My kids didn’t have any problems seeing the dumbness of it either. I guess it’s no big deal but it really makes me wonder. If these people are average citizens in our community, what hope do we have in sorting out societal and environmental problems if the same people in the community have an apparent lack of ability to think critically, or think at all, in their day to day activities? So yes, it’s no big deal but it also frustrates the hell out of me.

4 comments on “Double Bagging It

  1. Did it create a black hole?

  2. Did it create a black hole?

  3. Did it create a black hole?

  4. No, just a singularity point of infinite mass where nothing could escape the event horizon

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