Euro 2012 Knock Out Predictions

I guess I better get this down in writing before the games start!
Czech Republic vs. Portugal: Czech. I don’t know if I’m picking them because I’m not a fan of this year’s Portugeuse team, or if I really think the Czechs will be the better team. I definitely think the Portugeuse are not as good as the Dutch game would lead us to believe.

Greece vs. Germany: Germany. It would be a big upset if Greece won. Germany is playing well, and the should have an answer to Greece’s tactics.

Spain vs. France: Spain. I’m not at all convinced with the French team. Even if Spain are having problems scoring goals I think they will get it done agains France.

Italy vs. England: I really like the way that Italy have been playing. I don’t think England has much of a chance against them…

3 comments on “Euro 2012 Knock Out Predictions

  1. Three for four. Not bad. So who wins it all, Kreskin?

  2. That should be by Holmes. Not info. Silly machines.

  3. I can’t divulge my predictions this early.  I need to sit on it and mull it over.  At this point in time I think I’m going to go with the 1972 Dutch team.

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