Top Fassbender Twists

Every time I hear Peter Fassbender on the radio, I get really angry. He presents a lot of information in a way that is anywhere from mildly to extremely misleading.  The following are my top misleading views from Fassbender.

Mislead #1. The government is adding over $350M to a class size and composition fund.

Actually: The government is continuing with the existing $70M LIF (learning improvement fund).  This fund and amount has been in place for 2 years.  It is acknowledged that current funding is not sufficient.  They want to put the $75M LIF into the contract for 5 years, which is the $375M that Fassbender is talking about. It is not new money, it is an extension of what is currently used. Furthermore, Fassbender is not clear when he talks about the $375M. It is NOT $375M per year.

Mislead #2. The BCTF is not negotiating.

Actually: Anyone can go to the BCPSEA website and download the proposals from May onwards. From this, you will see that the BCTF has removed a lot from their original positions.  Most recently in August, the BCTF dropped the CS&C fund demand from $225M to $175M.  You will also see that the government has essentially not moved on any issue since mid June.

Mislead #3. The BCTF is asking for almost twice what other public sector unions got.

Actually: The BCTF’s wages are less than the rate of inflation and close to what other unions got (maybe it’s less, I’m not sure). Other benefits are about $5M I think, which is probably close to other unions.  However, the BCTF is also asking for an increase in prep time for elementary students.  This is a significant cost, put at around $65M. The government calls this a benefit.  Given that other public sector unions probably have no need for prep time, it stands to reason that any allowance for this issue would be more than what other unions got. If a person were to view prep time as something other than a benefit, then BCTF is getting the same as other unions in terms of wages and benefits.

Mislead #4. The government would have to raise a tax, such as a gas tax hike, to pay for the BCTF’s demands.

Actually: There are many ways to find money. Many people suggest closing a property transfer tax loophole that is allowing foreign investors to purchase multi-million dollar homes and properties while paying almost no tax (PTT).  Secondly, it should be noted that de Jong and Fassbender talk about gas tax, which is a regressive tax.  Regressive taxes hurt lower and middle income people more than higher income. Why wouldn’t they suggest a progressive tax (if a tax is needed at all)?

Mislead #5. The government has put $1B into education since 2002.

Actually: The government also downloaded many costs to the school boards, such as wage increases and hydro increases. There’s also this little dirty secret out there… costs have gone up in the past 12 years.  For a reality check, see this letter from a principal at a Coquitlam elementary school. They’ve seen their budget drop from $181,000 (2002) to $23,000 (2014).

Mislead #6. The contentious E.80 statement is harmless

Actually: a few lawyers have chimed in publicly stating that the “supersedes” statement is indeed something that the BCTF should have removed. It can set a lower standard from which negotiations would start from after the appeal at the BC Supreme Court. It also begs the question as to why this statement is not being removed, if it is so harmless.

Mislead #7. The BCTF have not given written proposals.

Actually: I’ve read through the proposals on the BCPSEA website. I think that must mean they’ve been written down somewhere, somehow. Government has also said that it took 2 days to get the binding arbitration scheme written down from BCTF. Personally, I could care less about this stuff.  It’s a distraction and disingenuous at best. It is obvious that both sides know exactly what is on the bargaining table, and insinuating otherwise is misleading.

Now, I’m biased in that I’m pro-teacher. But even when I try to get critical on Jim Iker, his explanations are pretty clear.  I may not agree with all of his choices or tactics, but I don’t think he is misleading anyone.  Iker’s main gripes are:

1. the government hasn’t put any new money into CS&C – true

2. the government hasn’t been negotiating – I’ve read the proposals, and would say this is true. The government is holding firm from beginning of June.

3. teacher wage demands are reasonable – fair enough

4. teachers in BC are among the lowest paid in Canada – true if you believe Stats Canada

5. teachers should get a bonus to make up for 3 years of 0 in wage increases. He says this amount is negotiable – true

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  1. Thank you for this. Nicely summarized and clearly reasoned.

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