Siem Reap

On our second full day we hung out in Bangkok for the morning, hitting a cracker of a market for food! It was delicious. We then visited the Dusit Zoo and then got ready to fly to Siem Reap in Cambodia. Driving from Banglamphu to anywhere else in the city is a pain – cars will be stopped for ten minutes at a time to clear a major intersection.

We finally arrived in SR around 7pm I think. Driving through the rural road and then the city gave us a good first idea of Cambodia. We saw the poverty of the people and the backpacking/traveller mecca that SR is.

WP_20160727_17_02_21_ProOur hotel, Tanei Boutique, was really nice. We had a large suite with tall ceilings right beside the small pool. It was only a few minutes walk from the busy action of SR but far away enough to be quiet. Well, sort of quiet. We had major rain in the afternoon (more on that later), which brought out the bullfrogs. They have these frogs that are pretty small, about 7 cm long and 4 cm tall, but they make the loudest noise. At first I thought there were a bunch of moncks next door praying or something. Nope, it was an empty lot full of frogs.

WP_20160727_12_31_46_ProWe spent two days at the Angkor Archeological Site. The first day we had a 9:30 start and returned around 3pm I think. Very hot and tired too. In the way home there was a crazy big rain storm. It put other rain storms to shame. We’re expecting heavy rain every day but this one was crazy. Tuk tuks were getting stuck in 18″ of water. Which reminds me, all the transport in the area is done by 4 seater tuks tuks pulled by 120cc scooters.

WP_20160728_05_27_12_ProOn our second day to Angkor we did the typical “get up at 4 am to see the sunrise” schtick. It was nice, I always enjoy watching the sunrise with 2000 of my best friends with cameras, tripods, iphones and selfy sticks.

It was a quick trip to Cambodia but it had to be done. The Angkor site was impressive and I’m happy to have gone. After our third night in SR we packed our bags and caught a flight to Bangkok en route to Chiang Mai.

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