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Nepal photos uploaded to a new site

I’ve uploaded many of my Nepal photos to a new website. The old site where they used to, zooomr, shut down many years ago. I finally got organized enough to update them.

Before Chanje by Doug Smith on

John and Scott Besisahar by Doug Smith on

Manang by Doug Smith on

Muktinath Valley by Doug Smith on

Annapurna South from Deorali Pass by Doug Smith on

Machhapuchhre by Doug Smith on

Lake Pokhara by Doug Smith on

Fall Memories

TN8-13 AnnSo Hunchuli at ChomrongI stepped outside this morning and the crisp, sunny air and the neighbour’s incense instantly triggered a memory for me. Days like today always remind me of my trekking in Nepal.  I don’t think a fall day passes without me thinking about my trip there in 1991.  Well, as long as it’s a fall day without rain.  I don’t recall getting any rain while I was in Nepal.  This morning the reminder was stronger because the incense that I smelled was one that I remembered from Nepal.  I don’t know the name of it and I can’t remember exactly where in Nepal I smelled it, but I’m sure it’s the same.  It’s amazing how strong “smell” memories are.

Summer Pictures

The summer isn’t ove yet but I thought I would pictures from some of our trips.

The Gallery is Back

After receiving dozens of emails from friends that said they couldn’t access my photo gallery anymore, I managed to pull an all-nighter and recode everything. It’s back up, with a new look.

Actually, my sister-in-law told me over dinner that she couldn’t find any pictures of the kids and I had to fix one line of code to get to the new gallery. But I know you all wanted to tell me it wasn’t working…

Vietnam Photos!

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from our trip to Vietnam, click on the photo below to see them.

Another Successful Rick Mercer Photo Challenge

Another one of my photos made it into Rick Mercer’s Photo Challenge, #22/25

Harper Doth Teach

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