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Added A New Photographer Link

Check out epicimages in the links section to the right. He has some great photos from cycle racing.

New Location for Mason Bee House

When I put together the bee house last week, I wasn’t 100% sure that I was doing everything correct. In particular, I wasn’t sure about the placement of the house. I knew that the homes are best kept out of the rain but other than that I didn’t like my placement. I managed to get in contact with Hartley via the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) and he graceiously offered me some advice. He suggested that the most important aspect of placement was that the house face east or southeast, such that it receives warming sun in the morning. Second most important was shelter from rain.

I thought about this but wasn’t sure I could really mount my particular house design on the wall of the garage facing east. Then I had the idea to use the bike tubes to secure it to the east fence in our backyard. So I drilled a couple of holes in the fence, perched the house on the top rail, and tied it all down to the fence. I think it will work pretty well. Here is a photo of the mount:

And in this photo you can sort of see the house on top of the fence against the garage. It’s facing east and also faces the apple trees across from it:

Made It Into Rick Mercer’s Photo Challenge

Whew, just when I thought that my sense of humour might not be making the grade I finally made it into Rick Mercer’s Photo Challenge. Photo #41/47.

Cutbacks to Scientific Research

Here is an article in the Globe And Mail that expands upon the post below this one. CAUT, a lobby group for university teachers and researchers, had a meeting with the Minister Of Science And Technology. CAUT was concerned that the government was cutting research funding in Canada, instead choosing to spend university funding on building and construction. It shouldn’t surprise us that the Conservatives are doing this, after all Harper did get rid of the National Science Advisor.

Ghost Jedis Are Tougher Than Sith

Barack and Stephen were recently spotted while they were busy fixing some galactic territorial disputes. But can they solve the Global Economic Slowdown?

Stephen Harper Meets Barack Obama

Stephen Harper Meets Barack Obama

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