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Gerbil Palace For Sale

I have a gerbil “cage” for sale. I call it a “cage” because really, if you were a gerbil, you would think that it is a palace. Or at least a really, really nice home with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

It’s quite possibly the best gerbil palace out there. I know lots of people that want it, like my friend Phil. His real name isn’t Phil (it’s Dave) but I don’t want to use his real name in case he gets upset. Anyways, Phil says to me he says, “Doug, can I have your gerbil cage?” My first response was to point out that it wasn’t a cage but a palace. I then reminded Phil that he doesn’t even own a gerbil and he has no intention of getting one. Phil agreed but said that it was the best damn gerbil palase (sp) that he’s ever seen. Phil also isn’t a very good speller but I don’t hold that against him.

Phil isn’t the only person that wants it. Like most people, I know several gerbil breeders and gerbil experts. They all want the palace. My fear is that they’ll turn it into an Air BnB for gerbils. While I can appreciate the upscale gerbil business, I’m more of a grass roots kind of fella.

The palace is made out of glass so you can fill it with wood shavings or other filler material and the gerbils will build tunnels that you can observe. It also has a ceramic den with a removable shelf. There’s no plastic for the gerbils to chew on.

RIP Chedder 2013-2016

Fall Memories

TN8-13 AnnSo Hunchuli at ChomrongI stepped outside this morning and the crisp, sunny air and the neighbour’s incense instantly triggered a memory for me. Days like today always remind me of my trekking in Nepal.  I don’t think a fall day passes without me thinking about my trip there in 1991.  Well, as long as it’s a fall day without rain.  I don’t recall getting any rain while I was in Nepal.  This morning the reminder was stronger because the incense that I smelled was one that I remembered from Nepal.  I don’t know the name of it and I can’t remember exactly where in Nepal I smelled it, but I’m sure it’s the same.  It’s amazing how strong “smell” memories are.

Summer Come Soon

I have to admit: I can’t wait for summer to come.

I really want to exercise more and I seem to be in a real rut.  when I get home from work, I’m usually exhausted.  My feet and legs hurt and I’m tired and sleepy.  The last thing I can work myself up to is to do a workout, but that’s probably what I need the most.  The sooner summer comes, the sooner I can reset my schedule.

I can’t quite put my finger on why I’m so tired but what the heck, I’ll make an excuse. I’m getting old.  Okay, there’s more to it than that, but it’s a big factor.  You see, I aslo quite often wake up at 4am and can’t get to sleep again.  That means that I’m often running on 5 hours of sleep, which seemed to work okay when I was 35 but perhaps is failing miserably at 42.  Maybe I passed one of those humps in age and there is no going back.  However, I also know that not exercising is a vicous cycle and once I get exercising I will feel better.

Beautiful, Busy Day

It’s a beauty out there this morning, the air is crisp and it was quiet.  And hey, no rain.
Unfortunately I will end up most of the day working on my masters.  I used to enjoy doing the masters, and I still like the courses, but timewise it has become a bit of a hardship.  Too many things to do in the day and not enough time.  Oh well, I have about 6 weeks left this term and then one final term.
Hopefully in 6 months I will discover oodles more off free time.  Heck, I should be able to even post more on his blog!

Horse Camp

Back in July, Emma had a one week horse camp in Delta. She absolutely loved it, I’m not sure I’ve seen her get as excited or interested in anything quite like this. I’m not sure if or when we will return to the stables, as we haven’t quite yet won the Lotto 6/49.

Check out the determination in Emma’s expression below. When she wants to do something, she can really put her mind to it.

From Horse Riding

Double Bagging It

This post falls under the category “dumbest thing evah.” Well, the post isn’t that dumb (I don’t think) but what it describes certainly fills this description. I was at the store with the kids, waiting in line at the check out. There were a pair of people ahead of me buying a bunch of stuff, including a new backpack. As is common, everything was getting packed into plastic bags. The kicker was when the backpack was also placed in its own plastic bag. The fact that neither purchaser nor checkout person saw the folly in this was astounding. Why a person needs a BAG to carry a BAG, I’m not sure I’ll ever know or understand. My kids didn’t have any problems seeing the dumbness of it either. I guess it’s no big deal but it really makes me wonder. If these people are average citizens in our community, what hope do we have in sorting out societal and environmental problems if the same people in the community have an apparent lack of ability to think critically, or think at all, in their day to day activities? So yes, it’s no big deal but it also frustrates the hell out of me.

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