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Biking on the 24th

I did my last few chores before Christmas this morning, including getting food for our xmas eve dinner. I had to go to Kits and I decided that not only did I not want to deal with traffic and parking on a busy, rainy day, I also could use a bit of exercise. So I decided to put on the ol’ rain gear and ride my bike. It was great to get some (moderately) fresh air and I was glad to avoid the traffic. A lot of cars were honking at each other although I couldn’t see what the hell they were honking about. I suspect they were mostly cases of typical last-minute shoppers not dealing well with stress. Anyways, I had a good ride, I stayed dry and made it home sans stress. Niiiiiice.

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Some Delicious Dishes

This week has been a culinary treat so far. On Sunday night I had my first Dosa. I bought them from Noor-Mahal on Fraser Street: one lamb curry and one veg masala. They were tasty and filling. I see that the restaurant gets good reviews, which doesn’t surprise me. We were actually next door at Fraser Aquarium, buying a Pleconomus (algae eater), and they recommended the Noor.

Tonight was a double wammy with Mercy making some fine lasagna followed by me making my first ever ackee and salt fish, a Jamaican dish. I had to make it tonight because I had been soaking some salt cod for a couple of days and I thought I should cook it. The dish is super easy to make although it’s not cheap. The salt cod was something like $12 for 400g (albeit this is dehydrated and I only used about 200g for the dish)) and a can of ackee is $9! Oh well, as they say in Jamaica, …. Uhm. What the hell do I know, I’ve never been there.

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Hand, Meet Forhead

Some people…
The Daily Show

I don’t know if this is a sad statement about me or a sad statement about the US Media, but I find that I turn to the The Daily Show for my news from the US.

The Big Event

If you were asked what the most significant Global event of the last 10 to 11 years was, what would you say? Probably a lot of people would say the financial sub-prime crisis – the fallout from that event is far from over. Another common answer could be 9/11. It’s pretty hard to argue against that one, as it set the foundations of global foreign policies, collaboration and communication (or lack thereof) since the attack.

I think another valid answer, and one that most people won’t think of, is when Al Gore had the Presidency stolen from him from in Florida. Even if Gore was President, 911 would probably still have happened. As well, the US probably would have still invaded Afghanistan. However, the war in Iraq and its isolationist effects would never have occurred. The political fallout from Iraq has been huge, causing some severe clashes in government policies and the breaking of international treaties. Perhaps even more important, if Gore was in office, the international action on climate change issues would have been drastically different. These are all massive effects caused by the injustice of corrupt voting in Florida. Florida 2000: the lost opportunity…

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Bella Coola

I had big plans to go to Bella Coola last weekend. There was talk of great coho fishing and I was keen to do some spey casting and landing some bigger northern coho. The plan was to leave Wednesday night and come back Sunday or Monday.

Wednesday wasn’t looking promising because I decided to help out with Emma’s first soccer practice. As well, the forecast was for rain on the weekend. I didn’t feel like driving 10hrs for rain while camping. Thurday morning came, I decided to skip the trip and managed to get a couple days of work in. As luck would have it, this was a great decision. I would still be there if I had gone. I’d also be very cold and probably really tired. I’m sure I would have caught a couple of nice coho though.

Here are some of the types of flies I tied for the trip. I wonder where else these would be good? Maybe the Squamish, it has pretty murky water.

Three Wolf Moon & Three Friends

Mercy, Sheryl and Oliver all have birthdays close together, and what better way to celebrate than to give them each a new classy t-shirt? Of course, I had to have one too…

Three Wolf Moon, and their three friends: Eagle, Panther and Elk.

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