Fly Tying

Well, I thinking about getting into fly tying. 4 evenings a week I’m home with the kids, and once they go to bed I’m left to my own devices inside the house, so why not use that time and tie some flies? First thing I need to do is determine how much it will cost me because I can’t afford to spend much money on it.
Step 1: write down where/what I wish
Step 2: figure out what flies I typically use
Step 3: find out typical materials used to tie the flies
Step 4: estimate costs and make a decision

1. Where and what do I fish?
In the past few years I’ve fished a couple of small lakes on the west coast (belly boat) such at Trout Lake (Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast), Lake Tyhaughton, Rolly Lake. As well, I’ve fished some lakes in the East Kootenay. This is rainbow/cutthroat fishing, uses leeches, wooly buggers, minnows and some dry flies. I also enjoy fishing the Skagit and streams in the EK. That means more dry flies and different nymphs. I’ve also fished the vedder for Coho and Indian Arm for Pinks.

2. Typical flies include BWO, PMD, parachute adams, green drake, elk hair caddis, beadhead prince nymph, beadhead stonefly nymph, damsel nymph, black stonefly, czech nymph, yellow stonefly, collaborator, pearl shrimp, scud, choranimids, wooly bugger, white leech, minnow, pink salmon, pinky, clouser minnow.

If you’re reading this and know the waters I’m talking about and think I’ve missed some important flies, let me know! I suppose I should add some emerges to this list…

3. Okay, here are the materials for these patterns.

Yellow stonefly
Yellow 8/0
Yellowish amber dubbing
Light brown or yellow turkey biots
Wingcase – turkey dyed yellow or light tan
Rib: yellow v-rib or larva lace

Black stonefly 2
tiemco 200R 6-12
Black 8/0
Black dubbing
Turkey biots black
Larva lace or v-rib in black
Wing case – Turkey laquered
Partridge feather from skin

Beadhead Prince Nymph
mustad 9671 12
Thread Red 6/0
Brown goose biots
Gold flat mylar
Peacock herl
Brown hen hackle
White goose biots

Czech nymph

Thread olive 8/0
Fine lead wire
Masterclass slf dubbings MC 3 (yellow), MC 1 (brown olive) MC15 (orange)
Hare’s mask
Fine flat gold tinsel
3lb B.S. Mono
Fine natural latex sheet

Beadhead stonefly nymph

tiemco 2302 6?
Thread brown 8/0
Brown turkey biots
Orange floss
Light brown seals fur
Med. Brass bead

Beadhead pheasants

mustad 3906 8-16
Brown 8/0
Pheasant tail fibers
Fine copper wire
Peacock herl

Damsel Nymph
Olive 8/0
Olive marabou feather
Olive antron mix dubbing
Med gold ribbing, oval tinsel
Small brass bead

Thread black 8/0
Black goose biots
Lead wire
Black bug skin
Black hackle fibres
Black hares ear dubbing
Black plastic eyes

black sally
tiemco 2457 8-16
olive 8/0
red holographic flashabou
black flashabou
peacock herl
black metal bead
white sparkle yarn

rabbit fur
fine gold wire

brown woolly bugger
tiemco streamer or mustad 9672 6-10
brown 8/0
brown marabou w/ krystal flash
brown hen
brown chenille

Parachute adams
Black 8/0
Brown fur for tail
Gray muskrat fur
White calftail
Mixed grizzly and grown hackle

Olive dun
Thread olive 6/0
Micro chenille
Medallion sheeting
Olive dry hackle

Blue wing olive

tiemco 101 16-20
Thread olive 8/0
Olive or brown dubbing
Dark blue dun hackle
Medium dark blue dun
Med-dark blue dun hen hackle tips

yellow sally
tiemco 100 12-18
yellow 8/0
yellow floss
deer hair dyed black
grizzly hackle
mustard orange deer hir
orange 6/0

Elk Hair Caddis
tiemco 100 10-20
tan 8/0
tan dubbing
ginger hackle
light elk or deer hair
x-fine gold wire

Green drake
TMC 5212 10-14
Olive 8/0
Pale olive dubbing
Moose mane strands
Elk or deer hair dyed olive
Pale yellow 6/0 thread
(grizzly hackle)

Pale yellow thread
Pale yellow dubbing
Light dun hackle barbs
Light dun
Med dun hen hackle tips

tiemco 2457 10-12
tan 8/0
rib: fin copper wire
bright red frostbite
light brown frostbite
peacock herl
white antron or sparkle yarn

pearl shrimp
tiemco 2457 or 3769 8-16
olive 8/0
fine copper wire
pearlescent strip 1/8″ wide
seal’s fur or synthetic dubbing

gray 8/0
wapsi gray rabbit dubbing
fine copper wire
tungsten bead

minnow (cutthroat, dolly varden)

tiemco 5263 8-12
white 6/0
mallard, natural or dyed with a few strands of angel hair
marabou to match the above
silver diamond braid
white thread
stick on eye

clouser minnow (coho?)
tiemco 811S 2-4
clear mono
bright green fostbite
painted dumbell eyes
white bucktail
chartreuse bucktail w/ flashabou

pink salmon
pink marabou
silver wrap
radiant pink chenille
white polar bear

gamakatsu size 2
white thread
flat silver tinsel
white glo-bug yarn