Gomery Inquiry – all for nothing?

According to John Gomery, the new government hasn’t acted on any of the recommendations given in his report. A CBC news article also tells of how the only thing to come of the inquiry is the federal accountabilities act, and this was legislation prepared before his report was even released.

It’s kind of funny that the Sponsorship Scandal was the defining issue for the 2006 election, yet the new government hasn’t done anything with the recommendations. Granted, the Conservatives don’t seem to be as likely as the Liberals to actually create such a scandal. If a political party is going to campaign and win an election because of an issue, you’d think they would at least follow up with some type of action. However, it is obvious that the Conservatives are equally capable of the unethical practises that they accused the Liberals of, such as patronage and bullying.

Even losers can win

Leading up to the 2006 Federal Election, I wrote this post on Canadian Values which discussed what many consider to be a darker aspect of the Conservative Party. Luckily for Canadians (at the time), Darrel Reid lost in the election. But even losers can win. Environment minister Rona Ambrose recently appointed Reid as her chief of staff.

I can’t say for sure, but I bet Reid is one of those guys that thinks that the earth is 8000 years old. I don’t find a lot of comfort that a person like Reid is in a position of power when it comes to Canada’s environmental policies. I can only imagine the disregard he has for certain accepted scientific theories in favour of his Christian beliefs.

Rick Mercer summed it up in his “Rick’s Rant of the Week” from October 10.

Rick gave another scathing assessment of the Conservative’s environmental policy in his October 17 Rant of the Week.
You sure get the feeling that Harper appointed Reid as the chief of staff and that Rona is just doing his bidding.

In contrast to these two rants, check out Rick’s Skinny Dipping With Bob Rae. Rae certainly echoes values that are much closer to my heart.

“God Bless Canada”

Much to my dismay, Stephen Harper seems to end his speeches with “God Bless Canada”. Some people think that he is deliberately paying homage to George W Bush. I highly doubt this. It is well-known that Harper is quite religious, being a Presbyterian Christian. I suspect that he truly enjoys uttering those three words.

So what is my beef with this? Read the rest of this entry »

Time to check in on Rick Mercer

Let’s see what good old Rick has to say these days. I bet it’s something funny.


The Liberals Are Toast

This Reuters Article pretty much says the Liberals are done for. I can’t say I disagree with them, the Liberal’s campaign has been a mess. While I won’t shed a tear at the departure of the Liberals, I’ll have a lot of misgivings to see the arrival of the Conservatives. I simply cannot stand many of the values that they espouse.

I guess I probably sound like a broken record, but here is my list of contentions with the Conservatives: Read the rest of this entry »

Traffic, scooters, daycare and sourgrapes

Having previously owned a couple of motorcycles and now using a motor scooter for commuting, I’ve noticed some things about the people I share the roads with: a lot of people are sourgrapes and hate knowing that someone is getting a better deal than them.

For example, take a pair of motorcycles that lane-split or utilize a parking lane. Many other drivers seem to get very upset about this. They just hate the idea that someone else is moving through traffic faster than they are. The real kicker is that they are quite often too dumb to realize that they benefit from these types of traffic flow. Every motorcycle or scooter that splits a lane is decreasing congestion for the other riders. I think this is a lot like the supporters of the Conservative’s national daycare plan. A lot of people hate the idea that someone else (parents with kids enrolled in traditional daycare) gets something while they do not. It’s the old “what about me” sourgrapes attitude.

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