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I’ve been trying to find some interesting Canadian political blogs so I can try and catch up on the skinny for the upcoming election (I’m wading through a lot of links and surprised at how many blogs haven’t been updated since 2007). It will be interesting to hear what other people have to say about the upcoming election, what the decisive issues are, etc. So far I’ve found a few promising blogs:
Warren Kinsella
Idealistic Pragmatist
Inside the Queensway
Adam Radwanski
Chantal Hebert
more notes from the underground
Jason Cherniak – a pro Liberal blog but at least there should be some good anti-Harper nuggets in there

I’m also waiting to see if Andrew Coyne updates his blog, he’s always good for some insightful opinions.

Edit: it looks like Andrew is blogging more on the Maclean’s website.

More to follow…

Early Election?

There’s a lot of talk about an early election this fall in Vancouver. Harper says the current government is unworkable and ineffective, and therefore an election is needed. While this is probably true, I can’t see how these problems will be fixed by an election at this time. It is my understanding that neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives would win a majority government. I haven’t read or heard too many opinions on a possible election but my uninformed opinion is that it is a bad idea. My hunch is that Harper would like to play another round of the blame game. He is very good at this. He’ll stand in front of a microphone and dourly exclaim that Canada’s troubles are purely a product of the Federal Liberal Party. Of course he won’t let facts get in his way, that hasn’t been a problem in the past. So it goes with this upcoming election… It’s not Harper’s fault that the government doesn’t work, it’s the fault of everyone else that is in his way. Once another minority government is in place, that will also be the fault of others.

One thing that bothers me across the board is how political parties manage their opposing views. If the Conservatives say left, the Liberals will say right, no matter what the facts are. Everyone always denounces the other. And while the Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP of course have differing opinions on issues, their decisive stand on issues is often predicated on purely being different from the other. With attitudes like this it is no wonder that a minority government isn’t working in Canada.

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