found me some money

Don’t you love it when you put on a pair of pants that you haven’t worn for a coon’s age, and low and behold you find a $5 bill in the pocket? Well I can do one better. I realized today that I had $4300 sitting in my margin trading account. I guess I was expecting to make some trades earlier this year, didn’t make any, then forgot about it. That’ll help pay for the $400 of fishing gear we bought yesterday at a liquidation sale (which is a whole other story). Suffice to say that we now have a nice 4wt 4piece fly rod and a 9′ 8wt rod for salmon/beach casting.

Skookumchuk Creek

Last week Mercy and I went fly fishing on Skookumchuk Creek twice. Skookumchuk Creek is maybe the most beautiful river/creek in the Columbia Valley. The water is crystal clear which allows you to see the different coloured rocks and plant life. The sides of the creek are strewn with large boulders that you climb up on and look down into the pools below. In a lot of ways the Skookumchuk reminds me of the Skagit River. The Skagit is a bit bigger though, and the Skookumchuk is more rugged.


The fishing in the Skookumchuk can be very good. On our first trip out we saw some huge bull trout and cutthroat. They are spawning at this time of year, and they were congregating at the upper end of the creek. The bull trout primarily sit in the deeper pools while the cutthroat are more active. I would guess that the largest bull trout we saw was maybe Read the rest of this entry »

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