Starting from last Saturday, our family is traveling down the Ringette road to kids’ sports. Yes, Grady decided to play ringette this year. There was an open-house session where Grady checked it out with a bunch of his friends (of course) and he liked it enough to commit to it. I’m looking forward to it, but I have a few reservations…

1. The name. As a few other parents (Dads specifically) mentioned, the name has a certain feminine tone to it. I tried to explain that our language has hundreds of counter examples where girls have to use masculine names or labels in the activities they do. My thoughts fell on deaf ears though. The consensus is that the name should be changed to “Death Ring” or perhaps “Sonic Ring”.

2. Along the same theme as above, the promotional material told us several reasons to join ringette. The number one reason was to develop our child into a more confident girl. I’m glad the boys didn’t notice that one.

3. We managed to get hockey pants, gloves, jersey, shoulder pads, shin pads, elbow pads and socks all for $60 used! Unfortunately we also managed to get a new helmet, cage, neck guard, jock and bag for $220 new. Cage was $70 and I managed to get the helmet for $50 off.

One nice thing about ringette is that the practice is at a very comfortable 5:30pm on Fridays two blocks from our house. Game times are relatively civilized with times typically on Saturday afternoons and sometimes 8:30am Saturday morning.

Summer Pictures

The summer isn’t ove yet but I thought I would pictures from some of our trips.


A (short) conversation with my daughter:

me: Emma, what are you doing?
E: Stapling.
M: You’re using a lot of staples
E: I’m making things very stapley

Ah, I love talking with my kids!

Canoe Trip From October

I finally uploaded photos from the canoe trip we did back in October. Grady, Emma May, my buddy Barry and I went for an overnight trip up Widgeon Creek. It was a lot of fun and we had great weather. The kids were nervous in the boat for about 5 minutes and then they settled in nicely. It was long before Emma May was helping to paddle using a plastic sword and Grady was shooting everything in sight with his Stormtrooper gun. You know, all the things that people usually do when going on canoe trips… Click on any of the photos below to go to the gallery.

The launch

Barry Trudeau

Black crowned night heron

The campsite

Kids Hike 6.6km, Dad says “Wow.”

I took the kids hiking on the North Shore yesterday. As part of my plans to get them into hiking and backpacking, I had both of them carry daypacks and I carried my pack with a stove and hot chocolate ready for brewing.

We drove to the top of Londsdale and over to St. Mary street for the start of the hike. Initially I thought we would do 1 or 2km. We started off along a trail that would take us to the Baden-Powell. The kids were kicking it and I hardly had to slow my pace down. Eventually we met up with the BP. I put down some plastic to sit on, got out the stove, and started heating some water. The kids climbed up another path that looked like a mtb downhill trail. After some hot chocolate, Grady wanted to do some more hiking before heading back so we headed east for bit. After another 15min I got us turned around. Instead of following our original tracks, we headed further west. The plan was to check out a viewpoint that is near another trail that would take us back to our starting point. Some other hikers said the viewpoint was about 5min away, which I assumed would take us maybe 10 or 15min.
On the trail

The viewpoint turned out to be more like 30min. There was some snow which made the going a bit slow Read the rest of this entry »



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