New photos

I added some new photos to the gallery this morning. As usual, they are mostly pictures of the kids.

Gotta zooomr

I just found out about a file hosting web service called Zooomr.
It seems a lot like Flickr (I wonder if they are already getting sick of the comparisons?). They have a promo going now for bloggers that want to integrate their blogs with Zooomr.

I’m hoping to start up a photoblog one of these days, and there’s a good chance I’ll hitting up zooomr for the posts. The photo below is hosted by them, let me know if there are any speed issues with it.


Are your kids this nutty?

I guess Emma-May has a bit of Kids In The Hall in her, just like her old man. Grady is no slouch in this department either.


A couple of more new pictures


Check out the gallery

Pics from Emma-May’s birthday

I’ve just added a few pictures from Emma-May’s birthday party. Her nana and uncle Raymond hosted the party at their house. Thanks nana and Raymond!


New photos added

Here’s some new photos, almost of them are of the kids. No suprise there I guess….


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