Starting from last Saturday, our family is traveling down the Ringette road to kids’ sports. Yes, Grady decided to play ringette this year. There was an open-house session where Grady checked it out with a bunch of his friends (of course) and he liked it enough to commit to it. I’m looking forward to it, but I have a few reservations…

1. The name. As a few other parents (Dads specifically) mentioned, the name has a certain feminine tone to it. I tried to explain that our language has hundreds of counter examples where girls have to use masculine names or labels in the activities they do. My thoughts fell on deaf ears though. The consensus is that the name should be changed to “Death Ring” or perhaps “Sonic Ring”.

2. Along the same theme as above, the promotional material told us several reasons to join ringette. The number one reason was to develop our child into a more confident girl. I’m glad the boys didn’t notice that one.

3. We managed to get hockey pants, gloves, jersey, shoulder pads, shin pads, elbow pads and socks all for $60 used! Unfortunately we also managed to get a new helmet, cage, neck guard, jock and bag for $220 new. Cage was $70 and I managed to get the helmet for $50 off.

One nice thing about ringette is that the practice is at a very comfortable 5:30pm on Fridays two blocks from our house. Game times are relatively civilized with times typically on Saturday afternoons and sometimes 8:30am Saturday morning.

Rocky Mountain RC50 Review

I’ve had this bike for about 8 or 9 months now. So far I’ve primarily used it for commuting, which was my intended use. It replaced another RM bike that I had, a Summit RL. 1399The summit was also my commuter bike, although I also used it for some cycle touring in the Columbia River/Wenatchee area of Washington State and Continental Divide Route through Colorado.

So here’s my brief, non-technical description of the bike. It is an aluminum mid-weight frame with a lower to mid spec groupo and lowish end mechanical disc brakes. I have 700cc wheels with fairly narrow road tread tires and I added some clipless/hybrid pedals to it. On top of this, Read the rest of this entry »

Biggest wimps in the world

What is it about professional soccer that turns grown men into some type of man-child? One minute they are showcasing worldclass speed, agility and endurance and the next minute they’re flopping on the ground as if they’ve been kicked in the pagina.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not talking about when someone gets a cleat sunk into their ankle or shin because we all know how much that can freakin’ hurt. I’m talking about incidents like I just saw today on tv. Some guy got hit in the head by a bic lighter and he’s floundering on the ground like a someone just hit him with a ball pein hammer a la Billy Crystal. Seriously, how much pain can a 15g lighter inflict? Or take the guy that Luis Figo headbutted at the World Cup. Most people I know that get head butted don’t crumble at the knees. Typically they clench a fist and thrust said fist into the teeth of said head butter. Shit, just look at me. I’m a fairly decent example of a wimp and I tend to do everything that I can to avoid pain. The time that a larger, more mongaloid male sucker punched me I didn’t fall to the ground. Hell no, I did what any self-respecting wimp does. I ran to the nearest police officer and complained.

NHL MVP for 2005-06

Okay, maybe it’s a bit dorky to be writing about this but I’m going to do it anyways. Here are my top picks for this year’s mvp.
1. Joe Thornton
2. Mikka Kiprusoff
3. Jaromir Jagr

The New York Rangers have surprised a lot of people this year, and it’s not hard to imagine the importance of Jagr in this. He’s had a bit of a renaissance this year and it looked like he was going to walk away with the scoring title this year. It’s hard to tell what would have happened with the Rangers this year if he wasn’t around.

There cannot be any doubt that Kiprusoff is the key to the Calgary Flames’ success. The Flames get their results for three reasons: their teamwork, their work ethic and Kiprusoff. Kiprusoff is the premier goalie in the NHL right now and his stats are impressive. He leads the league with 10 shutouts, .207 goals against average, 74 games played, and 42 wins. I think Kiprusoff is top 4 in all of the other important stats. Interestingly, Cristobal Huet (Montreal Canadians) has 7 shutouts in only 35 games.

It looks like Joe Thornton will win the goal scoring race. Even more telling of his importance is San Jose’s record since aquiring Thornton. The Sharks were having a horrible year and it looked certain that they would not make the playoffs. Along comes Thornton and next thing you know the Sharks wrap up 5th position in the West. That’s pretty impressive.

To me it looks like this year’s MVP is a toss up between Thornton or Kiprusoff.

Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur is arguably the best goalie in the world right now. He’s not having his best year, but he’s still one of the best in the NHL stats. On top of that, Brodeur is likely The Man you want in net in a big game. Hasek fans may want to argue that last point, but you get the point.

Earlier this week Brodeur signed a long-term deal with the New Jersey Devils worth 6 years at 5.2million per year. I believe there at least 3 other goalies making more this year including Turco, Theodore, and Khabibulin. Apparently there are several reasons for this signing: Read the rest of this entry »