10 more Nepal photos added

Follow the portals, starting from the picture in this post about my Nepal photos.

Nope.  Zooomr went out of business a long time ago…

Uploading photos from my trekking in Nepal

Zooomr is long gone and I need to update the location for these photos.  I have a gallery of my Nepal photos on 500px

I‘m doing a bit of experiment. I’m scanning my photos from trekking in Nepal and uploading them to my zooomr photo sharing account. Each of these photos will have a “portal” in it. A portal is a “picture within a picture” concept. When you hover your mouse over a photo a small box will appear with photo inside it. Clicking on this box will take you to the next photo, and so on. So far I’ve only scanned maybe 1/4 or 1/10 of the photos I’ll upload. But if you want to see the start, go here:


In case I get lucky and one of my companions from this trip google their own names, I’ll list them here and maybe they’ll contact me. As best as I can recall, I trekked with: Scott Haddad, John McKone (Jake McKone?), Mark McPhail, John Taylor, Michael Lansten, Chris Arts, Tomer Peled, and Beto.

New photoblog is online and ready

I’ve been messing around with putting together a photoblog for a while now. I’ve pretty much finished what I wanted to put together, so feel free to check out AlpineVisions at your leisure. Let me know what you think of the layout, and leave comments on the photos if you have something trivial to say.

As for the layout of the photoblog, it was made with WordPress (same as this website) with the help of the K2 theme, modified by Kristin Pishdadi. All of the files in the photoblog are hosted on Zooomr.

Coolest Free Program

I was recently introduced to Google Earth, and I have to say that it is one extremely cool program. First of all, it’s free. Secondly, it has detailed satellite pictures of whole the planet. Thirdly, the user interface is extremely slick. In fact, slick would be an understatement.

If you choose to download and install this program, you can see where we live. Our placemark is here. (placemark deleted because some scumbag will probably ransack our house in search of our fly rods. If you want to know our coordinates/tag, leave a comment!

I’ve been geotagging my photos hosted on Zooomr, and I imagine there are (or will be) ways to tie these two interfaces together. There’s probably some type of geotag community sharing thing in the works.

Gotta zooomr

I just found out about a file hosting web service called Zooomr.
It seems a lot like Flickr (I wonder if they are already getting sick of the comparisons?). They have a promo going now for bloggers that want to integrate their blogs with Zooomr.

I’m hoping to start up a photoblog one of these days, and there’s a good chance I’ll hitting up zooomr for the posts. The photo below is hosted by them, let me know if there are any speed issues with it.