Bathe in the Warmth of the Morning Sun

Doug Smith
click play for good times. house music in full effect [audio:|titles=Earth (Ben Watt Lazydog remix)|artists=Meshell Ndegeocello] Let me be the rain you thirst for let me be the sun that you adore and let my sweet, sweet ocean caress your shore let your heart search no more you’re my earth mmm paradise i say you’re my earth my earth, my my you’re my earth you’re my earth sweet paradise i say you’re my earth

New Location for Mason Bee House

Doug Smith
When I put together the bee house last week, I wasn’t 100% sure that I was doing everything correct. In particular, I wasn’t sure about the placement of the house.

One Big Project Finished

Doug Smith
Today is a monumental day for me in many ways. Well, actually only one way. I finally finished recording and archiving all of my vinyl records.